2009-10 Erie BayHawks Season in Review, Part 2: January/February

Friday, April 9, 2010

If you missed it, I looked back at November and December yesterday in part one of my 2009-10 season review.

Here now is part two of my three-part month-by-month review of the BayHawks’ 2009-10 season. Today's post focuses on the months of January and February when Erie continued to retool and reshape itself on the fly in an attempt to turn its fortunes around.


Record: 8-7 (3-3 Home, 3-4 Road, 2-0 Neutral)
Erie 86, Maine 94 (box | review)
Erie 75, Springfield 97 (box | review)
*Reno 88, Erie 92 OT (box | review)
*Erie 102, Los Angeles 89 (box | review)
Fort Wayne 89, Erie 87 (box | review)
Fort Wayne 70, Erie 100 (box | review)
Fort Wayne 97, Erie 109 (box | review via D-League)
Erie 91, Tulsa 91 (box | review)
Erie 102, Tulsa 97 (box | review)
Erie 113, Austin 121 (box | review)
Rio Grande Valley 110, Erie 88 (box | review via D-League)
Rio Grande Valley 100, Erie 94 (box | review via D-League)
Springfield 94, Erie 95 (box | review)
Erie 78, Maine 82 (box | review)
Erie 93, Springfield 91 (box | review)

*D-League Showcase

Jan. 4: Acquired Booker Woodfox. Waived Martin Zeno.
Jan. 11: Acquired Frank Tolbert. Waived Booker Woodfox.
Jan. 23: Cedric Jackson called up by Cleveland Cavaliers
Jan. 29: Acquired Tychicus Snow.

BayHawks C0-Players of the Month
Alade Aminu: 33.4 mpg, 16.9 ppg, 9.8 rpg, 1 bpg
Cedric Jackson: 35 mpg, 21.5 ppg, 7.8 apg, 4.7 rpg, 2.4 spg

20/20 Hindsight
January was the month where Alade Aminu flashed his all-star potential with a 30-point, 23-rebound effort in front of NBA scouts in Erie's first game of the D-League Showcase. Unfortunately, the month ended with Aminu playing just 38 minutes combined in two games, foreshadowing the eventual deal that would send him out of Erie. On a positive note, January was the BayHawks' first winning month of the season, highlighted by a 2-0 performance in the Showcase, back-to-back road wins in Tulsa, and Mike Gansey's clutch free throws against Springfield that helped earn him D-League Performer of the Week honors.


Record: 1-8 (1-2 Home, 0-6 Road)
Iowa 101, Erie 87 (box | review)
Erie 94, Iowa 97 (box | review)
Erie 78, Iowa 102 (box | review)
Erie 82, Iowa 85 (box | review)
Erie 84, Fort Wayne 105 (box | review via D-League)
Erie 80, Fort Wayne 91 (box | review via D-League)
Dakota 108, Erie 114 (box | review)
Dakota 108, Erie 103 (box | review)
Erie 95, Maine 102 (box | review)

Feb. 5: Waived Kyle Goldcamp due to injury.
Feb. 16: Re-acquired Cedric Jackson.
Feb. 24: Danny Green adn Darnell Jackson assigned by the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Feb. 25: Re-acquired Kyle Goldcamp
Feb. 25: Waived Tychicus Snow
Feb. 26: Darnell Jackson recalled by Cavaliers
Feb. 28: Danny Green recalled by Cavaliers.

BayHawks Player of the Month
Mike Gansey: 39.4 mpg, 14.9 ppg, 6.8 rpg

20/20 Hindsight
February was a month to forget for the BayHawks, featuring a season-long six game losing streak and just one win, which happened to be the night Cleveland assigned both Darnell Jackson and Danny Green. Alade Aminu earned an all-star selection only to regress in his performance and see his playing time diminish. Cedric Jackson earned a call-up that left the team void of ballhandling and movement on offense. Mike Gansey earned my nod for player of the month over the likes of Ivan Harris, John Bryant, and Jackie Manuel, even though February was Gansey's worst shooting month as a BayHawk at 39.3 percent from the field. That about sums it up. February was an ugly month for Erie as game after game they reinvented ways to lose.


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