Game Review: Erie BayHawks 114, Dakota Wizards 108

Friday, February 26, 2010

I take five days vacation and things go crazy. The BayHawks dropped two stinkers against Fort Wayne, and I returned from the Bahamas to snowy Erie just in time to catch the BayHawks take on the Dakota Wizards with the added bonus of Cavaliers Darnell Jackson and Danny Green.

Add to that the fact that Dakota will suit up #2 draft pick Hasheem Thabeet for tonight's game, and things are suddenly interesting in Erie, even as the team continues to struggle.

Quick notes from last night's 114-108 with for the BayHawks:

  • Darnell Jackson's 34 points and 12 rebounds were an impressive stat line, and he no doubt helped them prevail. But his post game has room for improvement. His go-to move was basically a dip-the-shoulder bull rush, which worked well enough to punish the Wizards last night. But I think he needs to become a bit more polished and develop a counter move or a second post move when bullying and brute strength doesn't work.
  • Danny Green's performance was perplexing to me. First of all, he didn't get the start. He was clearly among the most physically gifted athletes on the court, yet something seemed to be missing. Passion? Desire? I don't know if he underestimated D-League competition or just hadn't played in a long time (a definite possibility), but he looked sluggish at times despite a few highlight reel moments. I'm anxious to see how he responds tonight. (FYI: Darnell Jackson was recalled to the Cavs today, but Green should still be with the BayHawks as far as I know.)
  • Cedric Jackson runs one helluva fast break. He finished one assist shy of a triple-double. He's the engine that makes the BayHawks offense run.
  • Alade Aminu and John Bryant suffered the most from the Cavs' NBA assignments. The talented big man tandem played a combined 14 minutes.
See I told you it'd be quick responses. If you can't make it out to the game tonight, be sure to tune in to NBA FutureCast as Erie will be in the D-League (and to a lesser extent, the NBA) spotlight tonight with Thabeet coming to town.


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