Implications of the Initial Roster Cuts

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you missed it, the BayHawks announced they had cut cut their training camp roster from 17 to 13 last night. Gone are Raheem Moss, Derrick Mercer, Jeff Skemp, and Ryan Troutman. One more player must be cut to get the roster down to the D-League mandated 12 by tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5 p.m. The final 10-man roster must be set by Nov. 26.

Skemp and Troutman were the BayHawks' fifth and sixth round picks from Wisconsin-Platteville and Tusculm, respectively. Moss was a late training camp roster addition from Cleveland State, who also happened to be the last man cut in training camp last year. Mercer, a point guard from American, was Erie's fourth-round selection.

Speculation alert! No roster spots are guaranteed for the BayHawks, but I'm going to suggest it would be surprising if the BayHawks cut any of their four returning players. After talking with Coach Treloar on media day, I'd also be surprised if the team cut either of its first-round draft acquisitions, Donell Taylor and Alade Aminu. Assuming those six are safe, which is not guaranteed but likely, that leaves seven players battling for just four open spots.

I've groupedt he players into one of three categories: backcourt (point guards/shooting guards), wings (small forwards, shooting guards), and frontcourt (power forwards/centers).

Likely in: Oliver Lafayette

Still in contention: Cedric Jackson, Joe Jones, Martin Zeno, Zach Sowers, Rod Wilmont

Analysis: With the departure of Maureece Rice, there's a lot of scoring to be replaced at the guard spot. But perhaps more importantly, the BayHawks need to find themselves a point guard. Of the six players listed here (including Lafayette) are each listed between 6'2" and 6'5". Jackson is really the only true point guard of the bunch, which may give him a leg up on the competition. The other small guards would do well to show the coaching staff they can distribute and defend from the point guard position. My gut tells me it's one of the five guards above that gets the axe tomorrow. In terms of the final roster, I expect two or three of the guards listed above to make it along with Lafayette.

Likely in: Ivan Harris, Jackie Manuel, Donell Taylor

Still in contention: N/A

Analysis: You could easily make a case that some of the shooting guards listed in the backcourt section are better suited for a wing classification, but I chose to lump them together because a lot of the minutes at small forward and shooting guard figure to go to returnees Harris and Manuel and newcomer/number one pick Taylor.

Likely in: Alade Aminu, Jarvis Gunter

Still in contention: John Bryant, Kyle Goldcamp

Analysis: It wouldn't surprise me if all four of these players make the final roster, giving Erie four viable big man options. It's also possible that Bryant and Goldcamp, who have similar games based on work ethic and sound fundamentals in the post, are battling each other for a spot. But I'd expect them to both remain on the roster through at least the preseason game on Friday before that decision is made.


sms said...
November 18, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

Nice job on the preview. Glad to see that Goldcamp has a decent shot at making the team. Do you think he'd be on the active roster or the reserve squad?

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