Looking at Erie's NBA Affiliates (Cavs, Raptors) 2009-10 Schedules

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The NBA schedule is out for next season. No word yet on when to expect the D-League schedule, but I'll pass it along if and when I hear anything. In the meantime, here's a quick perusal of interesting dates on the calendar for the NBA affiliates of the Erie BayHawks, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors.


27th, Boston at Cleveland (TNT): The two teams that most people had pegged as the Eastern Conference's representative in the 2009 Finals are back in that same role this year (along with defending Eastern Conference champion Orlando). Add Shaq to the Cavs and Rasheed Wallace to the Celtics and the teams get, well, older. Maybe better too. In any case, it's an intriguing matchup worthy of opening night status.

28th, Cleveland at Toronto: The BayHawks affiliates meet for the first time on the second night of the season. For Toronto, it's the season opener. For Cleveland, it's the second night of a back-to-back. LeBron and company will no doubt look forward to tangling with Hedo Turkoglu's new crew (and relish the lack of a Dwight Howard north of the border).


1st, Orlando at Toronto: Toronto welcomes back one of its least favorite former players, Vince Carter with his new Magic teammates. Will Carter's presence be enough to make Orlando forget about Turkoglu's key role getting Orlando to the Finals last season?

6th, Cleveland at New York (ESPN): LeBron's last game at MSG in a visitor's uniform? That's what some will say, but after playing against the Knicks, LeBron may not see much temptation on that roster.

7th, Toronto at Dallas: This game is the second game in a November stretch where the Raptors will play 7 out of 8 games on the road. It's also a chance for the Raptors to reacquaint themselves with Shawn Marion, and for free-agent-to-be Chris Bosh to visit his hometown team.

11th, Cleveland at Orlando (ESPN): The Cavs get their first small chance at revenge for last year's Eastern Conference Finals, though the Magic won't look quite the same with new faces like Carter, Ryan Anderson, and Brandon Bass, as well as the departures of Turkoglu, Courtney Lee, and Rafer Alston.


25th, Cleveland at Los Angeles Lakers (ABC): Was there any doubt that this was going to be the Christmas Day feature? Shaq-Kobe, LeBron-Kobe, defending NBA champs versus the team on the verge trying to get over the hump. Oh, and don't forget about Ron Artest spreading holiday cheer either. This one is must see TV, and it should be a good basketball game, too. Not to mention David Stern's dream NBA Finals matchup.

9th, Toronto at Milwaukee: Raptors rookie DeMar DeRozan, the 9th overall pick, squares off against Bucks rookie Brandon Jennings, the 10th overall pick. Both players are young athletic players who were in high school just two years ago.


8th, Cleveland at Denver (ESPN): In another of Cleveland's 29 nationally televised games, LeBron faces fellow 2003 draftee Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets in a battle of the two teams that fell just short of a championship appearance last season.

15th, Toronto at New York (ESPN): Unlike the Cavs, the Raptors are not a media darling. This midseason visit to the Big Apple is the only national telecast for Toronto.

19th, Toronto at Cleveland: The second meeting of the BayHawks' affiliates occurs in the new decade. Welcome basketball 2010.


4th, Miami at Cleveland (TNT): Another 2003 star pays a visit to King James. This time its the one with the bragging rights of a championship ring, Dwyane Wade. There's also the subplot of Shaq versus (another) former team.

24th, Portland at Toronto: The Raptors play host to the Blazers, a team that features two players taken behind top pick Andrea Bargnani in the 2006 NBA Draft: LaMarcus Aldridge (2nd overall) and Brandon Roy (6th overall).

26th, Cleveland at Toronto: Let's not forget who else was part of that famous 2003 NBA Draft along with LeBron, Carmelo, and DWade. No, I'm not talking about Darko Milicic. I'm referring to the 4th overall selection, the Raptors' Chris Bosh.


8th, San Antonio at Cleveland: In a rematch of the 2007 NBA Finals, the Cavs play host to Tim Duncan and the Spurs. It's also a battle of the best big men of the previous decade between Duncan and Shaq.

9th, Toronto at Los Angeles Lakers: The Raptors begin a season-tying-long four-game roadtrip against the defending champions, a team Turkoglu may hold a bit of a grudge against.


6th, Toronto at Cleveland: The final meeting between Erie's affiliates happens in April in the final weeks of the regular season, and this matchup could have potential playoff implications.

11th, Orlando at Cleveland (ABC): The final Sunday of the regular season could be a pivotal matchup for the Cavs. This game could determine playoff seeding and give one team the upper hand heading into the postseason.

14th, New York at Toronto: The Raptors finish the season against the Knicks. Will this be a game with playoff implications or simply a look ahead to the future for rookies taken one after the other this summer, New York's 8th pick Jordan Hill and the Raptors' 9th pick, DeMar DeRozan?


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