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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm always looking for ways to make this blog better. (Your suggestions are welcome in the comments below this post.) One way to do that is by recognizing that Blog Talk BayHawk is not the only bird in this sky we call the blogosphere.

While the quantity and quality of D-League blogs pales in comparison with the number of NBA blogs out there, there are some really good blogs out there. You can find the relevant blogs I recommend in the far right column of this blog listed under "In the Blogosphere" of the Links section.

The list will hopefully grow in time as the D-League grows in popularity and relevancy itself. For now, I'm adding a second blog to the list joining Duane Rankin's Give and Go, which primarily covers the BayHawks and the NBA.

The latest addition is a blog called Ridiculous Upside, and it's a must-read for anyone who follows the D-League. Not only does the blog title feature one of the most cliched words when speaking of NBA prospects, it's also entertaining and well-written.

Here's a snippet from their post today, "NBA D-League Hybrid Affiliation, Revisited":

The new policy will enable an NBA team to assume "full control over all basketball operations of its D-League affiliate, including coaching and player personnel decisions." In return, NBA clubs must make a three-year commitment to covering the expenses for the affiliate's basketball operations, which includes player salaries, paying for the coaching and training staffs and absorbing all travel costs.

The NBA estimates the annual cost of those expenses to be $300,000 to $400,000 annually. Which equates to the single-season amount NBA teams spend on a minimum-salaried rookie. The cost involved in running all levels of a D-League franchise, by contrast, was estimated by one Western Conference executive as "a million-dollar loss for one year."

Ridiculous Scott goes on to argue for five other changes he'd love to see the D-League implement, and I'm on board with all of them. So, do yourself a favor. Read the full post now and make Ridiculous Upside (along with Blog Talk BayHawk) part of your daily Internet reading.


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